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How can you preserve the value of a property and ensure that it will remain useable in the long term? These considerations are seeing facility management gain in importance. Dorfner’s facility management experts will be happy to support you in ensuring optimum use of your facilities, as well as in helping you identify potential savings and increase profitability through cost transparency.

Our holistic support package will take care of smooth operation and efficient use of your building. Our portfolio covers all technical and infrastructural services required to run a building professionally. You will have a reliable contact at your disposal, with a competent member of staff on site to look after all aspects of property management.

We will be happy to develop a tailored, integrated operator concept for your property. Get in touch!

Holistic FM support

An all-inclusive facility management package from the specialists
Our holistic package will give you the benefit of our specialists from the various service divisions. We will provide you with solution-oriented and unbureaucratic assistance in running your property in an efficient, advanced and sustainable manner. We will be happy to take care of both technical and infrastructural facility management. To this end, we have developed a number of practical modules that can be individually combined to form a concept that matches the needs of your property. Thus you can concentrate fully on what you do best whilst we make sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes – from operational management, maintenance of technical systems and energy management, to security services, facility cleaning, catering and office services, through to property accounting and tenant management. Our team will be there for you and the needs of your building, tenants and employees at any time – even 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if desired.



Above all, we see facility management as a continuous process of improvement: the scope of service can be easily adapted to suit the respective needs at any time through partnership-based collaboration. Our high rate of internal fulfilment has a key role to play – as does ecological, economic and sociocultural sustainability.

Operational responsibility: you can count on us!
The operator of a building is responsible for keeping risks and damage away from the people in it. He must also ensure that the construction and running of the property does not pose any hazards to the environment. Operational responsibility essentially lies with the person at the head of the company or organisation. However, many obligations – and therefore the burden of responsibility – can be delegated, such as to an external service provider as part of a service contract or contract for work and services. Dorfner Group specialists have the expertise required to proficiently and reliably complete the tasks entrusted to them. As we know how great the associated responsibility is, we use only the most highly qualified staff. That’s something you can count on!

Technical facility management

Operational and energy management
Managing the operation of technical systems within a building has a major role to play when it comes to energy efficiency and preservation of value: with regular maintenance, skilled operation and inspection, we can make a considerable contribution towards the safe, sustainable and reliable running of your building.

A-to-Z maintenance
As a customer, you can expect the whole range of services from us, from regular maintenance, to inspection and repair, to improvements. We will work with you to draw up a sound maintenance plan that is tailored to the specific requirements of your business. We will be happy to make you aware of any need for optimisation, in order to ensure that your operations remain both reliable and energy-efficient. Should there be a malfunction or defect, our specialist staff can intervene and repair the appropriate technical unit.

FM-appropriate documentation
We see full documentation as a basic prerequisite for sustainable, efficient operation of a building and its technical systems. With this in mind, we place a great deal of emphasis on keeping our project documentation up-to-date at all times and ensuring that it contains all important documents and contractual papers.

Infrastructural facility management

Facility service
Want compliance with the house rules by tenants and employees monitored? Need windows and doors checked regularly for proper closure? Looking for minor repairs to office furniture? The Dorfner Group’s facility service covers all of these tasks – plus a whole lot more: from waste disposal, to preparation of vacant spaces for viewings, to installation work, through to fitting and removal of door locks. We can even help with setting out chairs or airing the premises before and after events. Any questions? Looking for a service provider for a task not specified here? Then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Facility cleaning
Facility cleaning is the foundation of the Dorfner Group. It is with this service that the company’s founder, Hans Dorfner, started the company over six decades ago. Today the focus lies primarily on the fields of cleanroom cleaning and machinery cleaning, alongside classic maintenance and window cleaning. Further information…

Groundskeeping and cleaning of outdoor spaces
Gain some peace of mind by handing over the maintenance of the grounds around your building to our specialists: from lawn maintenance, to pruning and sweeping, through to the watering of flowerbeds, we’ll take care of all of your needs. With the latest equipment and an eye on costs, we will independently ensure that our service is efficient and economical.

Winter service
We will be delighted to provide a winter service for your properties – independently and with a constant eye on the weather – in order to prevent slipping and ensure that roads and pathways remain useable during the colder months. We will work with you on a winter service plan that assigns levels of priority to different zones of the building and sets out the required personnel and materials. We clear areas that cannot be cleared by machine – such as entrance areas, stairs and footpaths – by hand. Our area of responsibility also encompasses securing the perimeter of the building against snow or icicles falling from the roof. We exclusively use environmentally-friendly grit, which we remove after the snow has melted and, if possible, reuse.

What else can we do for you?
The Dorfner Group’s portfolio of services encompasses all tasks concerning your building and the people going in and out of it: transport and errand-running services, pest control, special cleaning, laundry services, vacancy management, building site security, lock management, relocation management, reception services, shutdown or reopening, alarm tracking, stewarding services, patrol services, and much more.
Feel free to get in touch with us directly with your requirements. We will draw up an individual concept for you and will be happy to advise you, regardless of whether you are looking for individual components of our extensive services portfolio, or holistic, all-inclusive management of your properties.

Commercial facility management

Energy data acquisition and controlling
Optimisation of consumption costs is becoming increasingly important in modern buildings. If you approach energy data acquisition and controlling with expertise and professionalism, you can gain a transparent overview of where adjustments can be made. Savings can be introduced much more successfully with advanced planning, with skill and expertise, and then with proper monitoring. Get in touch!

Property management
If required, we will be happy to ensure that the space within your building is used in accordance with your quality requirements. Together we will find the optimum arrangement of work stations or the appropriate placement of technical systems. We will help you link up areas and rooms to form rentable units, or take care of time management when planning room occupancy. We will check set air temperature and humidity values for individual rooms or provide support with space optimisation. In this way, we and our services in property management will contribute considerably to ensuring that the space available within your building is used intelligently and that people feel at home in your property.

Procurement and contract management
You can confidently hand over your procurement management to us, from finding and selecting suppliers, awarding contracts and checking incoming goods, to monitoring delivery dates and checking invoices. Our service not only covers the sourcing of material resources: we can also take care of procuring services. In many cases, procurement management also goes hand-in-hand with contract management, which you can also hand over to our specialist employees if required. We look forward to hearing from you.

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