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Meeting the highest quality standards in the face of omnipresent cost pressure is the major challenge in healthcare. Efficient processes are needed to offer people not only the right medical care, but also an environment in which they can feel good and get healthy.

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Our specialists are highly trained. If required, they work closely with the customer to develop and monitor customized hygiene and disinfection plans, the necessary measures, and supply and disposal. As a member of the RAL GGGR, we are committed to the highest levels of safety and quality in the hygiene-sensitive healthcare sector – for example, by obtaining object-specific certification for the new quality mark.


Care catering is always a challenge in community catering: elderly or sick people have special needs that our nutrition experts are very well aware of. Quality, balance, hygiene and enjoyment are our top priorities. We have put our know-how into practice in our care catering concepts: RehaVital is our catering for patients in (rehab) clinics and MenüVital is our catering for seniors. We regularly expand these concepts on the basis of the latest nutritional standards. In this way, we provide valuable support for rehabilitation, treatment or care.

Pflegerin serviert einem älteren Paar ein Gericht.
Gewaschene Tücher werden gereinigt und im Anschluss gestapelt


We will be happy to take care of pick-up and delivery services for you throughout the facility – whether it’s transporting food trolleys or patient beds, pharmacy deliveries or supplying the wards with fresh laundry. Our textile services in Würzburg work strictly according to the guidelines for hospital hygiene and infection prevention of the Robert Koch Institute and prepare your textiles not only efficiently but also in an environmentally friendly manner – from cleaning cloths and mops to workwear, bed linen, tablecloths or other flat linen. We also fill your vending machines, prepare the rooms for your conference or serve the meals on the wards.


The Dorfner Group’s specialists can perform almost all maintenance and repair services in-house. Maintenance and the associated regular servicing of all building services systems and equipment around the building increases their service life, thus reducing possible costs for repairs and thus reducing susceptibility to malfunctions.

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Person schleppt roten Plastikbeutel mit Aufdruck mit.


On request, we can provide a full range of services around your building, including maintenance, cleaning, pest control, waste disposal, landscaping, cleaning of streets and sidewalks, winter service, facade cleaning and much more!

For Industries,

that give their best every day

We have designed solutions for every industry that work without compromise –
or we can develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.

For industries,
that give their best every day

We have designed solutions for every industry that work without compromise –
or we can develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.


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