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Because of the high standards of cleanliness and quality required in sensitive cleanrooms, cleanroom cleaning is considered the supreme discipline in cleaning. Thanks to our know-how and decades of experience, we are among the specialists in this field. In addition to professional decontamination and disinfection, the Dorfner cleanroom team offers a comprehensive range of services!

Cleanroom cleaning

  • ISO and GMP classified clean rooms
  • Individual concepts
  • Documentation according to your requirements and specifications
  • Lock and laundry service

Cleaning of clean rooms during construction

  • Logging and monitoring by supervisor
  • Lock service
  • Access controls
  • Purity control of the materials to be inserted

Final and special cleaning of buildings

  • Complete top-down cleaning including all fixtures and fittings
  • Plant cleaning
  • Raised floor cleaning
  • Cleaning the ventilation plenum

Cleanroom training

  • regular training of our specialists
  • Personnel training and coaching for clients

Ventilation systems

  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Surface smear
  • Airborne germ collection

We would be happy to develop a coordinated cleanroom concept for your property. Please contact us!

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Whether in the semiconductor or solar industry, in pharmaceuticals, medical technology or space research, we are a reliable and highly qualified partner for cleaning ISO- and GMP-classified cleanrooms in all industries. In order to meet the high demands on cleanroom cleaning, very special knowledge and skills are required.

Our work is based on the following standards and guidelines:

  • DIN EN ISO 14644
  • VDI 2083
  • GMP guidelines

Our service package not only includes the creation of individual concepts based on your requirements. We also ensure for you that only the best qualified and regularly trained personnel are employed. In addition to cleaning services, we are happy to provide the following services for you:

  • Filling the airlocks with cleanroom clothing and consumables
  • Laundry service/laundry disposition for house clothing and cleanroom clothing
  • Spindle management
  • Services that support the production process: for example, the disposition of production- relevant auxiliary goods or internal transport services

Eine Reinigungskraft in Reinraumkleidung ist gerade dabei Fenster zu wischen.

The construction of a cleanroom places special demands on personnel and materials. To achieve the desired classification, not only the sequence of construction activities must be strictly adhered to.
Various cleaning procedures must be carried out in accordance with this. The correct sequence is defined in a cleanroom protocol and constantly monitored by a supervisor. The supervisor knows your requirements and acts as a link between the construction site and site management. He takes over all protocol trainings and the corresponding documentation.

Our services at a glance:

  • Cleanroom protocol with associated training and posting documents
  • Access control according to protocol regulations
  • Purity control of the materials to be inserted
  • Construction cleaning of all surfaces, ventilation plenums, technical installations,
  • Material cleaning before insertion
  • Temporary lock construction
  • Lock service: We fill and deliver the necessary disposable clothing according to protocol regulations
  • Basic cleaning of technical building equipment (air conditioning units, cable trays, piping, )
  • Fine and ultra-fine cleaning: At the end of each protocol phase, appropriate cleaning of all items and surfaces is performed to ensure achievement of the appropriate cleanroom class

We do not only realize cleanroom cleaning projects during construction throughout Germany. We also have experience abroad: Among others, our cleanroom team was deployed in Belgium, Norway, Poland, Romania, Uzbekistan, Russia and Algeria.

Through optimally coordinated work steps, we ensure that your cleanroom meets the qualification requirements. In the first step of the final construction cleaning of a cleanroom, all rooms and furnishings are therefore first freed from the contamination caused by the construction. In the second step, we clean the ceiling, walls, floors and all furnishings in accordance with the requirements using sterile or non-sterile disinfectants and equipment in the GMP area or isopropanol/DI water mixtures in the ISO area. If cleaning and disinfection agents are defined in the customer’s work instructions and SOPs, we will of course use them. If there are no specifications, we are happy to make recommendations.

Our services at a glance:

  • Complete top-down cleaning including all fixtures and fittings
  • Plant cleaning
  • Raised floor cleaning
  • Cleaning the ventilation plenum

A sensitive task such as cleanroom cleaning requires experienced personnel who know the processes and challenges in the cleanroom and can master them with one hundred percent reliability. Our employees receive special training on a regular basis and are thus always up to date with the latest knowledge.

We are happy to pass on our knowledge to your employees in in-house coaching sessions. The events consist of a theoretical and a practical part and can of course be adapted to your individual requirements.

Our cleanroom team is specially trained for use in accordance with VDI 6022. The training of the specialists is carried out by external training courses as well as by our in-house competence team. This includes the initial cleaning and disinfection of air handling units and recirculating air-cooling units as well as the accompanying cleaning and disinfection of air handling units and associated ventilation ducts during the construction phase, as far as they are accessible. We are happy to check the cleanliness of your system by means of airborne germ collection and surface swabbing.

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We have designed solutions for every industry that work without compromise –
or we can develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.

For industries,
that give their best every day

We have designed solutions for every industry that work without compromise –
or we can develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.


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