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In addition to cleaning, facility management and catering, we offer a range of other important services that make it easier for you to concentrate on your core business: from transport services and the provision of cashiers to the care of your textiles. Of course, you can also expect only the highest quality standards, flexibility and reliability from our professionals in our Dorfner Service Management division.


  • Support for bottlenecks
  • Transport services
  • Patient escort services
  • Removal services
  • Food transportation

Textile services

  • Clean laundry for every requirement
  • Resource-saving laundry processing
  • Chartering of cleaning textiles

Further services

  • Dishwashing and tableware service
  • Vending machine maintenance (filling and maintenance)
  • Cashier support
  • Reception/mail services
  • Consulting services

We would be happy to develop an individual concept according to your requirements. Please contact us!

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Peaks in orders and booming business are good for business – but can quickly cause staffing problems, especially for smaller companies. In this situation, we can actively support you: Our specialists, for example from the field of logistics, will be happy to assist you with your tasks on a temporary basis within the framework of temporary employment. Thanks to the consistent training and further education that our employees receive, you can count on compliance with all quality standards and legal requirements.


Centralized facilities such as large laundries, warehouses or specialized production sites require well thought-out and reliable logistics. With transport services, we are happy to help ensure that everything runs in sync at your facility. Our drivers guarantee to get any transport goods from A to B economically, on time and safely.

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Whether in hospitals, industry or building cleaning: The requirements for cleanliness and hygiene of textiles sometimes differ considerably in the various industries. Our textile services in Würzburg are aware of these particularities and strictly adhere to all applicable regulations and guidelines when processing your laundry. As a client, you benefit from our well-developed logistics, state-of-the-art technology and flexibility.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Technical equipment, work processes and hygiene comply with the requirements of RAL Gütegemeinschaft sachgemäße Wäschepflege e. V. (RAL Quality Association for Proper Laundry Care).
  • Cleaning of hospital linen, linen from food processing plants, workwear and object
  • Resource-saving laundry processing through modern heat exchangers and countercurrent system
  • Transport service within a radius of 200 kilometers around Würzburg
  • Chartering of cleaning textiles
  • Attractive conditions
  • Smooth and flexible processing, even for large orders

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Do you want employees, customers and guests to be able to access a wide range of beverages and snacks in your building even when the staff restaurant is closed? We’ll be happy to take care of all the work involved with vending machines – from installation and filling to cleaning and maintenance. We pay strict attention to the freshness of the products and guarantee compliance with the highest hygienic standards.


Fast, thorough, fresh: With our dishwashing and crockery service, we ensure that clean crockery is always available for you in everyday life, at conferences or on special occasions. Of course, we also take care of transport and transfer to the various areas. Because hygiene is the top priority in all activities in the kitchen and in the dishwashing process, we constantly monitor and document compliance with hygiene guidelines according to HACCP and RKI. Of course, we also take care of the careful and disinfecting cleaning, for example of used dishwashing equipment, the dishwashing machines, but also the floors in the corresponding rooms.


Are you looking for reliable staff to serve and supervise cashier units, for example in the company restaurant? We will be happy to provide you with our friendly service staff. If desired, the cleaning of the checkout area also falls within our area of responsibility.

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We have designed solutions for every industry that work without compromise –
or we can develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.

For industries,
that give their best every day

We have designed solutions for every industry that work without compromise –
or we can develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.


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