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Since 1994, Dorfner Catering has established itself as one of the leading providers in the catering industry. Quality, balance, hygiene and enjoyment are our top priorities. We have put our know-how into practice in our care catering concepts: RehaVital is our catering for patients in (rehab) clinics and MenüVital is our catering for seniors. We regularly expand these concepts based on the latest nutritional standards. In our company restaurants, exciting activities add variety to the daily work routine.

Care Catering in clinics

  • Kitchen analysis, advice, optimization of the processes
  • Tailored concepts
  • Innovative, sustainable food offering
  • Purchasing advantages
  • Health Days

Catering for senior facilities

  • Traditional, balanced and senior-friendly dishes
  • Expertise in nutrition for specific medical conditions
  • Creative actions and joint activities
  • Training for caregivers

Catering for Company Restaurants

  • Relaxed ambience
  • Digital signaling
  • Food trends
  • Catering solutions for the home office
  • Reusable systems

Our menu line “enjoy climate light”

  • You decide: vegan, vegetarian or with meat content
  • Plant-based, healthy and nutritious
  • Creative dishes – regional regional and from all over the world

Dietary know-how

  • Experienced, qualified nutritionists
  • Occupational health management
  • Diet catalog
  • Nutritional consultations

Consistency defined food

  • For people with chewing and swallowing difficulties
  • Special recipes
  • Sideboard workshops

Our “ganz & gar” concept

  • Completely catered for, even without your own kitchen
  • We supply you with prepared dishes that only need to be arranged
  • Saves space, time and costs
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  • Battery life of up to 14 hours
  • Customizable speeds
  • More efficient and customer-friendly
  • Robots can serve and clear away
  • The right robot for your requirements

We would be happy to develop an individual concept for you. Please contact us!

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When it comes to catering in clinics, one thing above all is important: the patient should get well again. Through balanced and healthy nutrition, our Care Catering concept RehaVital supports the recovery process and helps to strengthen the patients’ immune system – without losing sight of profitability. Also important for management: During longer stays in hospitals or rehabs, our health days or the special events that take place four times a year offer plenty of variety to classic catering. Our supra-regional dieticians provide support with nutritional advice, diets and food forms. We provide an innovative, sustainable range of meals and optimize kitchen processes in the process. We are happy to advise you or make a kitchen analysis in advance.

Ein Mann isst erfreut sein serviertes Essen.


Like every age group, seniors also have very individual demands on their catering. Through a close exchange and our years of experience, we know exactly what is important. Our seasonal catering campaigns, which we are constantly expanding, are particularly popular with our residents: together we get in the mood for the asparagus, barbecue, pumpkin or mushroom season. Towards the end of the year, “Grandma’s Christmas specialties” remind us of the good old days. If possible, we like to involve the seniors in our seasonal catering activities: baking cookies together is popular, for example. In addition, national dieticians provide support with special diets as well as dietary forms and offer nutrition and hygiene training for employees, but also for caregivers and relatives with close contact. For residents with chewing or swallowing disorders, our Care Catering concept for consistency-defined food offers new insights and individual solutions.


It is the heart of a clinic for patients and clinic staff alike: The cafeteria is both a meeting place and a place of enjoyment. For us, it is an important part of our care catering concept: With breakfast offers, fresh meals, healthy snacks, food trends, coffee, cakes and more, we ensure that our guests feel comfortable and socialize every day. The GenussVital menu line guarantees wholesome and healthy meals. Our service also always includes new special offers, seasonal promotions and health days.

Die vielen Auswahlmöglichkeiten die man beim Dorfner Catering zur Verfügung stehen hat wie Salate, Reis etc.

The sustainable and healthy menu line from Dorfner Catering

Our climate-friendly dishes are as diverse as their ingredients. Whether vegetarian, vegan or prepared with meat, they combine more commonalities than one might initially suspect. Because in addition to their diversity, they are all characterized by balanced, healthy and sustainable components. As the contract partner, you decide how the menu line should be designed. A vegetarian option is just as possible as a flexitarian one. The climate-friendly criteria can be easily implemented by the kitchen team without CO2 calculation. For this purpose, we offer practical workshops with our experts. Our climate-light dishes contain healthy fats and all the important nutrients to provide your diners with optimal nutrition. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.


Our experienced, qualified nutritionists are always there for you! We create the diet catalog for your house or support you in the company health management. We also conduct nutritional consultations and ensure that the menu is balanced, healthy and appealing.

Ein Tisch voller verschiedenen Lebensmitteln und Ideenplanung


On average, 40 percent of all senior home residents suffer from chewing and swallowing disorders. Due to the difficulty in eating and the fear of choking, many seniors lose the joy of daily meals. We want to give them back that piece of quality of life: In a two-month study in senior centers we support, trained dieticians tested and optimized various products and preparation methods. Our special recipes, training in preparation methods and workshops create consistency-defined dishes that are visually appealing and at the same time rich in nutrients through the right “indulgence management”.

Konsistenzdefinierte Kost serviert auf einem Teller.


With us, daily enjoyment is also available without your own kitchen – namely with our “ganz & gar” concept. In cooperation with our suppliers, we offer you a complete solution consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The high-quality lunch dishes are “whole & cooked” and only need to be heated and, if desired, refined and freshly garnished.

Ein Gericht mit einem überlegten Konzept namens


To optimize our service, we at Dorfner Catering use service robots. These relieve staff in the long term by enabling them to serve food or clear dishes. With an amazing battery life of up to 14 hours and an adjustable speed, we guarantee your guests an innovative and hospitable service. The charming robotic colleagues create a pleasant atmosphere during the meal, for example with a digital wink or, if desired, with soft background music during the journey.

Your personal requirements and circumstances are inspected in advance by our expert and knowledgeable robotics department. Our independence from manufacturers enables us to develop and implement a system tailored to your needs. Do you need a butler bot, a service robot or perhaps a mobile robot minibar? Our robotics department is closely involved with the latest developments in this field, so we will be happy to advise you on the many possible applications.

Servierroboter mit Dorfner-Tasse

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For industries,
that give their best every day

We have designed solutions for every industry that work without compromise –
or we can develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.


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