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Over seventy years ago, the entrepreneur Hans Dorfner founded the Dorfner Group with his cleaning business. Today, this business segment still represents an important part of our range of services. In addition to classic maintenance and glass cleaning, today the focus has shifted to the two segments of cleanroom cleaning and machine cleaning.

Maintenance cleaning

  • Maintenance and value preservation of the interior and exterior areas in the various types of use
  • Dorfner Module System 2.0

Cleanroom cleaning

  • Decontamination
  • Disinfection
  • Extensive range of services in the “highest art of purity

Glass and facade cleaning

  • Specialized procedures and techniques
  • Removal of any type of soiling even on surfaces that are difficult to access

Special cleaning

  • Wide range of specialty and special services
  • Basic and construction cleaning
  • Basic carpet cleaning
  • Graffiti removal

Machine cleaning

  • Professional disposal of production residues
  • Optimal solutions for every material

Building design consulting

  • Expert knowledge
  • Coordination with clients, architects and craftsmen
  • Advice on interior design, building materials, window constructions and facade design

Bath cleaning

  • Latest and safest standard
  • Member of the European Waterpark Association e. V
  • Expertise meets quality
  • Cleaning and hygiene plans


  • Use of vacuum sweeping and shoveling robots
  • Optimized use-related water and energy consumption
  • Independent detection of obstacles and people
  • Consistent cleaning results every day

We would be happy to develop a coordinated cleaning concept for your property. Please contact us!

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With our maintenance cleaning services, we make a significant contribution to the care and value retention of the interior and exterior areas of your building. In order to meet your needs for cleanliness in the area of maintenance cleaning in the best possible way, we develop
individual service specifications and determine performance figures that can also be realistically implemented. Is it an on-demand or a visual cleaning? What is the degree of soiling? What type of room use is involved? Or are there special regulators for the respective cleaning intervals?
With transparent calculations and detailed service specifications, we guarantee you quality at economical prices.


With the Dorfner Module System 2.0 and its individual options, we guarantee our customers maximum flexibility in terms of economy and practicality. Essential components of the system are individually designable cleaning carts, a cleaning chemical that can be dosed as needed, and a sophisticated cleaning method with high-quality microfiber cleaning textiles for maintenance cleaning.

2 Besprechungszimmer mit jeweils Stühlen außenrum und einer Leinwand am Ende der Wand.


If it is to be free of germs and particles, it takes more than conscientious cleaning of surfaces. That is why cleanroom cleaning is considered the supreme discipline of building cleaning. In addition to professional decontamination and disinfection, our cleanroom team, which has many years of experience and sound know-how, offers a comprehensive range of services. This applies to all cleanliness classes from GMP to all ISO areas.

Eine Fensterreinigung findet von einer Frau in einer Reinraumbekleidung statt.


Whether it is a swing window, stairwell window, skylight or industrial glazing – every type and shape of window requires professional care and cleaning. Our glass cleaners use state-of-the-art cleaning utensils in their work. Specialized procedures and techniques ensure high efficiency and cost savings.


Our specialists also have many years of experience in facade cleaning and are happy to help you make a flawless first impression. Even during training, our employees learn to determine the right technique and the appropriate cleaning agents for the corresponding facade material and type of soiling. We remove graffiti “art”, weather-related soiling, traffic or environmental dirt professionally, economically and flexibly in terms of time – even when working at great heights or on surfaces that are difficult to access.

Ein Fensterreiniger reinigt Fenster an einem Flughafen.


Removing graffiti from house walls, the professional maintenance of floors or keeping the baggage conveyor system at the airport clean – we offer a wide range of specialized and special services in building cleaning. Regardless of the complexity or explosiveness of the job, you can count on high-quality and proper execution of the service.

Our specialty cleaning services include:

  • Basic and construction cleaning
  • Basic carpet cleaning
  • Graffiti removal

Ein Teppichreiniger reinigt einen Teppich.


In the area of machine cleaning, our qualified cleaning and maintenance personnel take care of the professional removal of production residues and the removal of all types of soiling.
Conventional industrial cleaning methods such as high-pressure water jetting are used as well as the particularly gentle dry ice blasting process. In this way, your machines are freed from contamination and fully functional at all times.

Eine Maschine bearbeitet ein Produkt.


The expenses for maintenance and upkeep of the building quickly exceed the construction costs several times over. Cleaning accounts for almost 50 percent of maintenance costs. Benefit from our know-how in the areas of occupational safety, environmentally friendly cleaning,
maintenance of utility value and cleaning costs.

Our services at a glance:

  • Expert advice for forward planning
  • Construction planning in coordination with clients, architects and tradesmen
  • Proposals for interior design, use of building materials, window constructions and facade

2 Personen tauschen sich um eine Bauplanung aus.


The trend in the leisure industry is increasingly moving towards pools. This increases the need for a strong partner with the necessary expertise to operate such facilities. In the growing competitive environment, it is essential to rely on the right expertise and efficient processes.

It’s all about finding the perfect symbiosis of suitable cleaning chemistry, high-quality cleaning process and the appropriate exposure time. This ensures excellent quality and gives you, the operator, the necessary security for your core business.

To achieve optimum results, we use the Dorfner Module System 2.0, supplemented by cleaning chemicals specially designed for bathrooms. This combination makes it possible to meet the requirements and challenges of the bathroom world.

As a member of the European Waterpark Association e. V., we work very closely with a network of professionals in the industry. You therefore benefit from the advantage that our services always meet the latest and safest standard on the European market.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge, we work with our partners to develop a cleaning and hygiene concept for you that takes into account both legal requirements and is tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

Ein Hallenbad mit großer Fensterfront und Liegestühle davor.


Our vacuum, sweeping and scrubbing robots are no longer in the test phase! They support the cleaning staff on site by taking over monotonous and physically demanding tasks. They measure the area to be cleaned using cameras, ultrasound and lidar. They automatically detect obstacles and people and stop cleaning immediately in an emergency. During active use, these intelligent machines also require regular maintenance and care to ensure their high performance and reliability. We take care of the set-up, correct configuration and system-specific maintenance for you.

During an initial inspection, our Robotics team determines where and how a robot can be optimally deployed. We gather the most important information in advance so that we can integrate the robot into your building as quickly as possible. This also gives us the first opportunity to tailor the use of the robot to your needs. We are manufacturer-independent and can use the robots that are best suited to your premises.

With their futuristic look and sophisticated technology, they are a real eye-catcher that expresses innovation and efficiency

Our robotics department intensively examines all innovations on the market. The limits of the respective systems are determined in intensive tests and the cleaning results are compared in a constant environment. This gives us an overview of all innovations and further developments on the market. This enables us to react quickly at all times and offer you the best solutions.

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We have designed solutions for every industry that work without compromise –
or we can develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.

For industries,
that give their best every day

We have designed solutions for every industry that work without compromise –
or we can develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.


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