Always in time: our industry concept for the industrial sector

In the manufacturing industry, everything quite literally has to operate like a well-oiled machine. Downtimes cost time and money. What’s more, product quality has to be maintained in order to remain competitive. Our services in the fields of building services, cleaning and technical services help to keep things running smoothly – both directly and indirectly. We will support you in maintaining the value and productive capacity of your machines and take care of any jobs that are not part of your core business. This allows you to concentrate on achieving top quality and optimum results day in, day out – whilst relying on an efficient and trustworthy partner.

Cannot see the service you are looking for below? Then get in touch! We will be happy to put together an individual concept that matches your needs.

Logistics and services

Support during bottlenecks
Order peaks and economic booms are great for business – but can quickly leave smaller companies facing staffing issues. This is yet another situation in which the Dorfner Group is happy to be of service: our specialist staff – in logistics, for example – will be happy to assist with your tasks as temporary workers. Thanks to the constant education and training that our employees receive, you can count on our compliance with all quality standards and statutory regulations.

Because security takes priority
There should not be any compromises when it comes to security. You can confidently place responsibility for building and factory security, alarm tracking or an emergency call centre in our hands. In addition, we can help to ensure trouble-free operations in the manufacturing industry by providing a guard service or lock management. Get in touch!


Everyday enjoyment with Dorfner Catering
Enjoyment takes top priority in canteens that Dorfner Catering looks after: based on our Dorfner menü GenussVital concept, our culinary teams will provide fresh, balanced and delicious food for you and your staff every day. The menu plan offers seasonal and regional fare and will meet all workers’ needs. Each meal is packed with vitamin and mineral-rich foods. This is how we make our contribution to the wellbeing of the people that work for you.

Special promotions and health days
We will surprise guests eating at the companies that we cater for with special themed days at least four times a year. Together with the marketing department, our chefs are constantly keeping up with new ideas for special promotions: football-themed decor and country-specific specialities for World Cup matches, a special street food market on the premises, a departure from the norm with national dishes from Austria? The possibilities are endless!

The health days that we organise with customers for their employees once a year also provide interesting information about healthy eating. Events are always supervised by our nutrition experts.

Machinery cleaning

If the tiny cogs engage with one another and reliably tick with every second, the watchmaker has done his job. Nevertheless, a clock has to be wound regularly in order for it to continue to show the time. Similarly, industrial plants need constant and thorough cleaning in order to guarantee smooth operation.

As a client, you do not need to make any compromises on your machinery cleaning: we at the Dorfner Group will be happy to adjust our cleaning times to suit your production periods and processes. Over the weekend, at night or during seasonal breaks – we have a solution for every type of machine. You benefit from machines that hold their value and maintain their performance, from minimal downtimes and from our decades of expertise in machinery cleaning.

Cleanroom cleaning

Not just clean, but spotlessly clean
Meeting the strict cleanliness and quality requirements of the sensitive cleanroom environment is the pinnacle of facility cleaning – whether it be in the pharmaceutical, food or semiconductor industry. Thanks to its expertise and decades of experience, the Dorfner Group is a known specialist in cleanroom cleaning.

Special skills and abilities are required in order to meet the strict requirements of cleanroom cleaning. Our work is based on the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 14644
  • VDI 2083
  • GMP guidelines

Our service package not only includes planning individual concepts based on your needs. We will also ensure that only highly qualified and regularly trained staff are used, and that detailed documentation is kept using a document management system.

Beyond cleaning services, we can also take care of every aspect of running your cleanroom.
Our services at a glance:

  • air shower service (staff, material)
  • laundry service/logistics for uniforms and cleanroom clothing
  • locker management
  • waste management in keeping with current legislation
  • services that support the production process, such as organisation of auxiliary supplies for production or internal transport services
  • special cleaning of cleanrooms alongside construction work
  • cleanroom training
Infrastructure services

The perfect image
If you wish to leave a lasting impression, you have to win people over from the very first second – something that applies to both people and buildings. Looking for support in ensuring a perfect external image? Then you have come to the right place. Whether it be caring for the grounds around your building, clearing snow and ice or continual maintenance cleaning of your premises, we will be there for you!

Doing our bit to preserve value
Regular and proficient maintenance cleaning is key to preserving the value of a property. Negligence in quality has a negative impact in the long term – meaning that you should not make compromises. You can confidently place this important task in our hands. Whether an underground car park, basement, roof or window frontage, we will deploy our competent, specially qualified staff to complete all types of cleaning task. We have the right expertise and the latest equipment. One call is all it takes! We will be happy to put together a customised concept and do our bit to help preserve the value of your building.

Grass around your production facilities needs regular mowing? Got bushes and trees at your entrance that have to be cut back several times a year? Flowerbeds at the main entrance require some extra attention? We at the Dorfner Group will be delighted to demonstrate our efficiency in the field of groundskeeping! With solid expertise and the latest equipment, we will ensure your outdoor spaces are as neat and tidy as your buildings.

Winter safety
The Dorfner Group’s winter service will ensure your customers and employees can move around your premises safely during the colder months of the year. We independently monitor the weather and react when required. Our service includes clearing and gritting in accordance with applicable regulations as well as the maintenance and filling of grit containers. You, the client, will be free of risk.

Technical services

Preserving value through maintenance
As an expert in the production industry, you know the importance of maintenance: just like industrial machinery, your building’s technical systems have to be maintained regularly and reliably in order to ensure they function safely and properly for as long as possible. The Dorfner Group’s high rate of internal fulfilment represents a benefit for the customer: you will have a point of contact on site who will maintain an overview of your building technology and provide competent advice whenever required.

As you would expect, we implement our maintenance in accordance with applicable laws, ordinances, statues, technical directives, DIN regulations and other regulations (e.g. UVV). Standard engineering practice as well as servicing as per VDMA 24186 and manufacturers’ stipulations are part of our maintenance strategy.

Helpful advice from our experts
A one stop shop – from the first sketch to the demolition of an old building: we can be by your side from the start of any conversion or new build project, helping design the technical components in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way. Our range of services begins with optimised building planning before the start of construction and goes all the way through to tendering, project and construction management, and acceptance. You can even count on our specialists if you are planning a renovation project.

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