Safe and reliable: our industry concept for the healthcare sector

Maintaining the highest standards of quality despite constant cost pressure is the major challenge faced by the healthcare sector. Efficient processes are needed to ensure that patients and residents not only receive the right medical care, but also have an environment in which they can feel at home and recover. Cleanliness, hygiene and sterility take top priority – not least to prevent the dangerous spread of infections. Perfectly functioning building technology is another essential aspect of any medical facility. And on top of that, a healthy, balanced diet is key to the recovery process. All of these requirements have been taken into account in our industry concept for the healthcare sector.
Below you will find an initial overview of how we can contribute to the wellbeing of your patients and residents, without losing sight of cost or efficiency. Can’t see the service you are looking for? Then get in touch! We will be happy to put together an individual concept.

Cleaning and hygiene

Qualified professionals
Hygiene is a must for hospitals. Despite advances in medicine, many facilities are still troubled by diseases caused by microorganisms picked up during patients’ time in hospital. The risk of infection must be rigorously prevented – particularly in highly sensitive areas such as intensive care and operating theatres – to protect both patients and staff. Medical facilities are also obligated to comply with strict statutory hygiene standards. The Dorfner Group’s specialist employees are expertly trained to meet these requirements. Where required, they will work closely with the customer to develop and monitor customised hygiene and disinfection plans, necessary measures, as well as supply and disposal. We can also train staff on site if desired – always in keeping with the latest hygiene directives and infection control legislation.

Peace of mind for the client
With the new Quality Mark 903 for facility cleaning in the healthcare sector, RAL Gütegemeinschaft Gebäudereinigung e. V. (RAL GGGR, the German certification association for facility cleaning) is focusing closely upon the specificities of cleaning in hospitals, care homes and other medical facilities. The special cleaning requirements of the most sensitive areas are taken into account in inspections alongside RAL GGGR’s usual inspection criteria. As a member of RAL GGGR, we also strive to achieve the greatest possible safety and quality in the hygiene-sensitive healthcare sector – for example, by applying for certification under the new quality mark.


Dorfner menü RehaVital Catering concept
When it comes to hospital catering, patient health is key. We at Dorfner Catering will assist you in supporting the recovery process and strengthening your patients’ immune systems with a healthy and balanced diet – whilst never losing sight of cost-efficiency. Particularly in the case of serious and chronic illnesses, a healthy diet is essential to recovery. Dorfner menü RehaVital is a comprehensive nutritional concept that our specialists have developed for a variety of clinical conditions. Alongside information on healthy catering for patients undergoing rehabilitation, this practical reference contains purchasing tips, preparation suggestions and training concepts. It also includes interactive activities and special events for more variety in day-to-day life at your rehabilitation facility.

Dorfner menüVital catering concept for nursing homes
Catering that is suitable for the elderly is more than just the sum of the ingredients and their preparation. Our Dorfner menüVital concept is tailored to the needs of older people. The aim of our recommendations is to help maintain the highest quality of life and standard of living possible. The guide is compiled in a way that is easy to understand and simple to implement on a day-to-day basis yet pays close attention to nutritional findings and, therefore, represents a valuable aid for anyone concerned with catering for the elderly. Find out more

Enjoyment and relaxation in the cafeteria
The cafeteria: for patients, a welcome change to eating in their rooms; for staff, a place to enjoy a break with colleagues. With breakfast offers, fresh meals, coffee, cakes and much more, we can support you in making your cafeteria a place for socialising and relaxing. On top of that, we like to keep things fresh with different special promotions, seasonal offers and health days. Our GenussVital menu range guarantees wholesome and healthy catering. What’s more, our delicious and healthy takeaway snacks are perfect for on the go.

Logistics and services

Collection and delivery services
Whether with regard to the transportation of food carts or patient beds, distribution of medicines or the supply of fresh linen to wards, we can provide collection and delivery services throughout your entire facility. The benefit for you: your staff can concentrate fully on their tasks and won’t have to waste time trailing long distances across the premises.

Custom laundry service
Whether care home or hospital: the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness should be a given at any healthcare facility – right down to the laundry service. The Dorfner Group’s Textile Service in Würzburg works in strict compliance with the guidelines on hygiene in hospitals and prevention of infection issued by the Robert Koch Institute, and processes all textiles – from cleaning cloths and mops, to uniforms, bed linen, table covers and other flat textiles – in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

Our membership of the RAL German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services (RAL Gütegemeinschaft sachgemäße Wäschepflege e. V.) ensures that we guarantee the hygienically perfect processing of healthcare sector textiles. The quality mark will only be given to the laundry facility once we have proven our ability to maintain control of processes for more than a year. However, we are already taking action to ensure that we comply strictly with all of the stipulations of the Quality Certification Mark RAL-GZ 992/2 and, therefore, DIN EN 14065. Particularly important inspection criteria include separation of the “clean” and “unclean” areas of the laundry hall, creation of and compliance with hygiene plans and use of disinfecting washing methods that kill bacteria and viruses.

At your service
Need the drinks machines in the public lounge area to be cleaned and restocked regularly? Need a big room to be set out with chairs urgently for an upcoming meeting? Looking for reliable auxiliary staff to run errands between wards or hand out meals? Our employees will be happy to take on these and many other tasks where desired. Get in touch with us – we are sure to find the perfect individual solution.

Technical services

Maintenance and regular servicing of all technical equipment and systems around the building increases their service life, reduces potential repair costs and lessens susceptibility to malfunctions. The latter point in particular is fundamentally important for facilities in the healthcare sector: all building technology – from lighting, to cooling and heating, to electrical systems, water supplies and ventilation – must be fully functional at all times. The Dorfner Group’s specialist staff can provide virtually all conceivable services in the field of maintenance and servicing without the help of external contractors. This means that you always have a responsible point of contact on site, who will ensure that everything is working to your complete satisfaction.

Other infrastructure services

Your all-inclusive, carefree package
From maintenance cleaning and pest control, to waste disposal, groundskeeping and cleaning of roads and walkways, to clearing of snow and ice and exterior cleaning, we can take care of all services around your building as desired. Get in touch! We’ll be happy to advise you.

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