Our Executive Board

Whether with regard to industry, healthcare or administration, the Dorfner Group has been a reliable partner for the highest of customer hygiene and cleanliness requirements since 1949. On top of this, we have been successfully demonstrating our expertise in the fields of facility management and catering for many years now. In order to meet the utmost standards in all aspects of facility services, we recruit employees that are experienced, well-trained and highly knowledgeable in the relevant sectors. A second factor for success in a company such as ours is a reliable management team, with detailed understanding of the market and the ability to continually come up with new ideas. Allow us to introduce the team at the helm of the Dorfner Group:

Peter Engelbrecht

engelbrecht_1200pxChief Executive Officer
The Dorfner Group has known Peter Engelbrecht since his schooldays: he gained his first work experience as a window cleaner here in the 1980s as part of a holiday job. Following successful completion of a degree in engineering and employment as a project engineer for plant manufacturing, he eventually joined the company as manager of the Selb division in 1998. Around three years later, whilst still in this role, he acquired a postgraduate degree in facility management – primarily because this sector had been gaining in importance for the Dorfner Group in recent years, and Peter Engelbrecht was quick to realise the potential of this new area of business for the company. In 2004 the Executive Board appointed Peter Engelbrecht authorised representative of Dorfner KG. At the same time, he assumed the role of divisional director of Dorfner’s East region. He has been a member of the Executive Board of the Dorfner Group since 2006. The former martial artist assumed overall executive directorship from his predecessor Peter Reichel – who had helped write the company’s success story for well over 40 years – at the start of 2013. A dedicated networker, Mr Engelbrecht is a member of a rotary club in his spare time.

Holger Lösch

loesch_1200Director of HR, Finance, TQM and Legal
Holger Lösch’s engineering degree focussed upon food and hygiene technology. He then wrote his thesis during an 18-month stay at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Holger Lösch has been working for the Dorfner Group since 2000. He began as a manager before becoming divisional manager of the Dorfner Group’s South region. He assumed leadership of the Finance, Legal, TQM and HR departments on 1 April 2013. Mr Lösch continues to be responsible for the divisional management of Dorfner South.

Sinan Akdeniz

akdeniz_1200pxManaging Director and Shop Steward
Sinan Akdeniz has been involved in the company and the industry for many years: he began his career at Dorfner in 1983, as a window cleaner. His level of skill became clear within as little as two months, and he was employed to “float” between special cleaning teams. Mr Akdeniz mastered one of his greatest challenges in 1990, passionately driving the development of the regional business in Ingolstadt. Eleven years later he was not only responsible for regional operations in the fortified city on the Danube, but also assumed divisional leadership for Nuremberg and Bamberg – until being appointed shop steward for all staff in 2006. Mr Akdeniz joined the Executive Board of the Dorfner Group on 1 October 2014.
This role sees him function as a trusted point of contact for employees experiencing problems at work. He informs staff of their rights and advises them in matters of workplace health and safety. He is also there to provide help and support in finding solutions. He has absolute decision-making authority as a member of the Executive Board.

Karlheinz Rohrwild

rohrwild_1200Managing Partner
Karlheinz Rohrwild, grandson of the company’s founder, Hans Dorfner, has been employed by the Dorfner Group since his training as an office administrator at the start of the 1990s. Following his apprenticeship, he was able to bring his abilities and innovative ideas to fruition in the Central Technology department, and played a key role in developing the Applications Engineering department. When his father, Karl Heinz Rohrwild, tragically died in an accident in 2005, Karlheinz Rohrwild had already been a member of the Executive Board for several years and was thus prepared for his succession. He strives to develop not only his own company, but also the industrial cleaning sector as a whole: Mr Rohrwild is the deputy head of the Gebäudereiniger-Innung Nordbayern [North Bavarian guild of property cleaners]. He spends his free time on two special hobbies: he is the senior chairman of Feldbahn-Museum 500 e. V., a museum that exhibits lovingly restored locomotives and wagons with the rare 500mm gauge, and also pursues his passion for the history and technology of space travel as head of Herrmann-Oberth-Raumfahrt-Museums e. V. in Feucht.

Harald Griebel

griebel_1200pxDirector of Technology, IT and Fleet
Harald Griebel began his Dorfner career as a cleaner at Dorfner KG Würzburg in 1984. Just two years later he was given the opportunity to prove his worth as sales representative for the main office in Würzburg. He did just that, becoming head of sales with the principal subsidiary in Würzburg as early as 1991. After being appointed authorised representative of Dorfner KG in 2004, he assumed the role of divisional director of Dorfner Group West. He also became manager of the principal subsidiary in Donauwörth and deputy divisional director in 2003. Three years later he was appointed to the Executive Board of the Dorfner Group. In this role he is responsible for the Technology, Purchasing, IT and Fleet departments.

Our philosophy: quality for people and buildings

We consistently align our entrepreneurial activities with the needs of our customers, our employees and our partners. And in doing so we always stay true to our committed philosophy of “Quality for people and buildings”. This is how we create the basis for a lasting, satisfying and profitable cooperation. That is what matters to us.

We are value conscious

Fotolia_94382576_XLFairness and loyalty guide our actions. For us, this is the basis for trustful and reliable cooperation with customers, partners and employees. Our attitude is always shaped by tolerance and respect.

We are professional

Blattschneideameisen laufen auf einem Zweig und tragen BlätterWe understand our business and we are constantly developing further. We inspire our customers and partners with innovative ideas, efficient solutions and commitment to carrying out our responsibilities. We create a motivational environment for our employees in which they feel entirely at ease.

We are responsible

Fotolia_62139086_XLWe treat our environment with the highest levels of appreciation and respect. The protection of natural resources and a prudent attitude towards people and structures are integral components of our professional activity. We play an active part in the positive development of our civil society.

We are successful

shutterstock_165421214With hard work and commitment we create good and long-lasting relationships with our customers. This has made sound and healthy growth possible for us and makes us sustainably profitable. This is how we maintain our entrepreneurial independence.

Our history: a constant learning process

“There is no future without a past”: this sentence is particularly significant in these times of rapid change. Only by protecting our traditions and continually remembering our humble beginnings can we continue to actively shape our future together. We must understand that success is always the result of a continual learning process. Every stumbling block is an opportunity to improve. This is the philosophy we have always followed throughout our decades-long company history.

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