Facility cleaning means preserving value

Entrepreneur Hans Dorfner founded the Dorfner Group as a facility cleaning business over sixty years ago. And this sector still plays an important part in the Dorfner Group’s range of services. Today the focus lies primarily on the fields of cleanroom cleaning and machinery cleaning, alongside classic maintenance and window cleaning.

Our experts will be happy to provide help and advice even before a property is put into operation: for example with building design consulting, whereby we will help you to design the building in such a way that it can later be cleaned effectively and economically.

Maintenance cleaning

Cleanliness that is both economical and ecological
The Dorfner Group’s maintenance cleaning service can contribute considerably to caring for and safeguarding the value of the interior and exterior of your building. After all, cleanliness and hygiene are essential to a good image.

The Dorfner Group boasts several decades of experience in maintenance cleaning. Whether it be in the industrial sector, in the administration sector or in hospitals and facilities for the elderly, our cleaning staff utilise the latest cleaning technology and professional cleaning methods to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

In order to optimally meet customers’ needs in the field of maintenance cleaning, the Dorfner Group develops individual schedules of services and identifies performance figures that are realistic and feasible. Are you looking for the cleaning of visible surfaces or cleaning as and when needed? How dirty is the area? How is the room used? Or are there special regulations regarding respective cleaning intervals? With transparent calculation procedures and a detailed schedule of services, the Dorfner Group guarantees quality at affordable prices.

Dorfner Module System 2.0
The Dorfner Module System 2.0 and its individual options allows us to guarantee our customers the utmost flexibility in terms of cost-efficiency and expediency. Key components of the system include individually designed cleaning trolleys, cleaning chemicals dispensed according to need and a smart cleaning method with prepared microfibre cloths and mop head covers for maintenance cleaning. Find out more…

Window and façade cleaning

Helping you to see more clearly
Whether pivot windows, stairwell windows, roof windows, skylights or industrial glazing, every type and shape of window requires skilled care and cleaning – and the Dorfner Group is in a ‘glass’ of its own when it comes to window cleaning. Whether it be stubborn contaminants in the industrial sector or everyday dirt in public areas, the Dorfner Group’s cleaning staff have been considered specialists in window cleaning for over 65 years.

If damaging environmental and atmospheric effects are removed regularly as part of professional window cleaning, the glass and the window’s supporting structure remain more durable over time. This will also help preserve the value of your windows. The Dorfner Group’s window cleaners use the latest cleaning equipment in their work. Specialist procedures and techniques ensure efficiency and economy, for example in the following areas:

  • Window glass including frames, hinges, weatherboards, window ledges, window sills
  • Glass doors and roofs
  • Industrial glazing
  • Conservatories
  • Strip roof lights
  • Domed roof lights
  • Neon signs, lighting systems
  • Shop windows
  • Glass partitions
  • Glass bricks

Don’t see the service you are looking for? Get in touch! We will be happy to put together an individual concept that meets your requirements.

First impressions count
Cleanliness and hygiene are a key factor in a company’s image. Employees and visitors will only feel at home on your premises if everything feels orderly and inviting. What’s more, a building’s external appearance should not be underestimated. The Dorfner Group’s experts have years of experience in façade cleaning and will be happy to help you make the perfect first impression. In the long term, regular façade cleaning also contributes to preserving the value of your property.
Our employees are trained in how to determine the right technique and appropriate cleaning agents for the façade’s materials and type of dirt or contamination. We remove graffiti, deposits left by the weather and contamination caused by traffic and environmental pollution professionally, efficiently and at a time that suits you – even if it means working at great heights or in hard-to-reach places.

Building design consulting

Plan for the future, save money and preserve value
When erecting a building, people often forget the fact that with careful planning they can minimise maintenance costs further down the line. Spending on maintenance and preservation of a property can quickly exceed the cost of constructing it many times over. Almost 50 per cent of a building’s maintenance costs are attributable to keeping it clean. Dorfner Group experts have been offering competent building design advice for over 20 years. Take advantage of our expertise in the fields of occupational safety, environmentally-friendly cleaning, value preservation and cost-efficient cleaning.

Our services at a glance:

  • Expert advice for foresighted planning
  • Construction planning in consultation with builders, architects and trade firms
  • Suggestions on room layout, use of building materials, window structures and façade design
Special cleaning

When individual solutions are required
Removing graffiti from external walls, diligently looking after floors, keeping the baggage carousel at the airport clean… the Dorfner Group offers a wide range of special services in the field of facility cleaning. Regardless of the complexity or sensitivity of the job, our clients can rely on first-class, proficient execution of our service. Years of experience in facility cleaning, highly and regularly trained specialist staff and use of the latest machinery and technology ensure the perfect cleaning result. Our experts will develop tailored concepts for any requirement and implement them reliably.

Our range of special cleaning services includes:

  • Comprehensive cleaning and building site cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of carpets
  • Graffiti removal
Machinery cleaning

Ready for action at any time thanks to regular maintenance
Modern industrial plants have to be maintained regularly and properly in order for them to function without a hitch. Skilled cleaning and care also ensure that systems and machinery retain their value. If a machine runs smoothly, costly downtimes can be avoided.
In the field of machinery cleaning, the Dorfner Group’s trained and qualified cleaning and maintenance staff take care of professional removal of production residues and any other types of contaminant. This is done using conventional industrial cleaning methods, such as pressure washing, as well as the especially gentle process of dry-ice blasting. As a result, your machines are free of rubber, oil, silicone and adhesives, and remain functional at all times. We base our times on customer requirements, e.g. at the end of production, at weekends or during company holidays.

Cleanroom cleaning

Not just clean, but spotlessly clean
Cleanroom cleaning is the top discipline when it comes to facility cleaning. When you need your room to not only be clean, but also be completely free of germs and particles, you need more than careful surface cleaning. Alongside professional decontamination and disinfection, the Dorfner Cleanroom team – with its many years of experience and expertise – offers a wide range of services. Find out more…

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Dorfner Module System 2.0

Dorfner Module System 2.0

Dorfner Module System 2.0 combines classic maintenance cleaning procedures with the latest technology. We use our modular concept to put together the best solution for your building. More…

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