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Inspire desire“: that is the motto of DGD Werbeartikel GmbH, which was founded in 1984 as the advertising department of Dorfner KG. An independent limited company (GmbH) since 1988, the team – led by Stephan Mahlknecht – develops all kinds of appealing and high-quality advertising products. With excellent international relations, dedication to sustainability and the greatest possible level of transparency, DGD Werbeartikel GmbH guarantees that the highest of quality standards are always met.


In all forms and sizes, for the most diverse of target groups, for themed occasions… With decades of experience, we have already designed a wide variety of advertising products for many different customers. Whether you wish to hold a prize draw, need product give-aways or aim to attract attention with special items, we will work with you to develop a suitable product of the highest possible quality. Please get in touch!


Punctuality and reliability are essential to a functioning advertising campaign with appealing products. This has to begin long before production: we come up with ideas quickly, guarantee uncomplicated communication channels and have a reliable partner network in China. There, our producers ensure a smooth manufacturing and delivery process so that your items are in perfect condition and ready for use on time.


As an international company, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and the environment. For this reason, we are committed to sustainable production and fair treatment of the producers of our goods in several respects.

We have not only undertaken to comply with all required legal provisions and regulations at all times, but also maintain close contact with our Chinese suppliers. This allows us to precisely monitor the working conditions and manufacturing processes set out in our code of conduct for suppliers on site. In addition, we offer our customers full order handling in accordance with SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) – a clear additional benefit for all involved. Get in touch!

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