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Dorfner Catering has become established as one of the leading providers for group catering since it was founded in 1994. We implement our maxim of “Good food for a good quality of life” in hospitals, nursing homes and company canteens, as well as in nursery and school catering. With expertise and years of experience, we adapt to suit individual requirements and place great emphasis on personal exchange with our customers. We now look after around 80 businesses throughout Germany, cooking for more than 30,000 people every day.


A healthy diet for a speedy recovery
When it comes to hospital catering, getting patients back to health is key. We at Dorfner Catering will assist you in supporting the recovery process and strengthening your patients’ immune systems with a healthy and balanced diet – without losing sight of cost-efficiency. Particularly in the case of serious and chronic illnesses, a healthy diet is essential to recovery. This is why we have developed Dorfner menü RehaVital, a comprehensive nutritional concept for a variety of clinical conditions. National dieticians will also assist you with nutritional advice, diet plans and suggestions for types of food. Our health days, for example, provide variety during longer hospital or rehabilitation stays.

Dorfner menü RehaVital catering concept
This comprehensive practical guide provides reliable and clear information on all matters concerning catering at rehabilitation centres. It is aimed at anyone who is in contact with rehabilitation patients, from kitchen staff, to dieticians, to carers. Alongside information on healthy catering for patients undergoing rehabilitation, this practical reference contains purchasing tips, preparation suggestions and training concepts. It also includes interactive activities and special events for more variety in day-to-day life at your rehabilitation facility.

Enjoyment and relaxation in the cafeteria
The cafeteria: for patients, a welcome change to eating in their rooms; for staff, a place to enjoy a break with colleagues. With breakfast offers, fresh meals, coffee, cakes and much more, we can support you in making your cafeteria a place for socialising and relaxing. On top of that, we like to keep things fresh with different special promotions, seasonal offers and health days. Our GenussVital menu range guarantees wholesome and healthy catering. What’s more, our delicious and healthy takeaway snacks are perfect for on the go.

Healthy eating made interactive
“You are what you eat”: a good diet is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and can help to combat certain physical ailments. With this in mind, we raise awareness for many interesting topics among guests, patients and residents at our international health days. Our dieticians will have a stand on site, providing tastings and answering any questions. Our special promotions, which take place at least four times a year, provide additional variety.

Facilities for the elderly

Delicious fare that is suitable for the elderly
Catering for the elderly is a special challenge – and one that we are glad to take on. Our Dorfner menüVital concept is a comprehensive guide for carers, family members and kitchen staff that serves as a reference on catering for the elderly. Seasonal promotions – which we are constantly expanding – are particularly popular with our residents: together we will get the most out of the asparagus, squash or mushroom seasons. And, of course, there are always plenty of festive treats at Christmas. Wherever possible within the relevant facilities, we like to involve the residents in promotions: one popular example is biscuit baking. National dieticians also provide support with special diets and suggestions for types of food, and offer nutrition training for our employees, as well as for carers and family members. Our concept based around the texture of different foods provides new information and individual solutions for residents who have difficulty chewing or swallowing.

Dorfner menüVital catering concept
Catering that is suitable for the elderly is more than just the sum of the ingredients and their preparation. Our Dorfner menüVital concept is tailored to the needs of older people. The aim of our recommendations is to help maintain the highest quality of life and standard of living possible. The guide is compiled in a way that is easy to understand and simple to implement on a day-to-day basis yet pays close attention to nutritional findings and, therefore, represents a valuable aid for anyone concerned with catering for the elderly.
The contents of Dorfner menüVital:

  • The most common influences on nutrition in old age
  • Information on advising and communicating with the elderly
  • Recommended nutrients for the elderly
  • Recommended foods
  • Optimum meal composition for the elderly
  • Preparation and serving tips
  • Tips on types of food (e.g. for residents suffering from difficulty swallowing, dementia, malnutrition, diabetes)
  • Helpful tips for dealing with difficulties in swallowing
  • Useful information about assessments by the German Health Insurance Medical Service (MDK, Medizinischer Dienst der Krankenversicherung)

Company canteens

A treat for all the senses – even at work
Sit back and relax: a lunch break is like a mini holiday for the mind in the middle of a stressful working day. Our specially developed Dorfner menü GenussVital range ensures that there are varied, light dishes on offer every day. The menu range is based on a complete nutritional concept that is specifically tailored to the needs of workers. Or perhaps you are looking for something more unusual? We will treat you to special culinary promotions based on a wide variety of themes at least four times a year, and put on at least one health day a year. A nutrition expert supervises these promotional days, offering competent advice and information materials. And should there be no time to eat in the canteen, we offer delicious, fresh to-go products that employees can simply take to their work stations. We will also be happy to take care of your catering for conferences, meetings, business lunches or any other company event. Our advisors will always be there for you! A popular highlight is our cook@work events, when colleagues get to cook up a storm together. A multiple-course menu will be whipped up in your canteen’s kitchen, under the watchful eye of the canteen’s head chef. Each participant then receives a booklet with the recipes that they cooked.

Dorfner menü GenussVital catering concept
Healthy, delicious and varied: that’s our menu range for canteens and cafeterias, Dorfner menü GenussVital. This nutritional concept has been successfully introduced in the canteens and cafeterias run by Dorfner Catering. The GenussVital menu range provides a perfect lunch with all vital nutrients. GenussVital dishes meet the following criteria:

  • At least 50 per cent fruit and/or vegetables
  • Gentle cooking methods that preserve important vitamins and nutrients to the greatest possible extent
  • Use of high-grade fats, such as rapeseed oil, olive oil and sesame oil
  • Fish at least once a week
  • Easily digestible meals
  • Unusual, colourful dishes

You can also look forward to live wok cooking events, themed promotional weeks and information on healthy eating during our health days, held at least once a year in the canteen.

Something for on the go: our snack concept
The everyday reality is that many working people often do not have the time to enjoy a relaxed lunch in the canteen or cafeteria. With this in mind, our to-go handbook includes various recipes for light and nutritious snacks so that everyone in the canteens can still eat healthily. We have cereals, yoghurts, freshly filled rolls, colourful salads, vitamin-rich smoothies and creamy mousses and puddings for your employees to take away.

Conference service
Planning a conference, meeting or other event at which you would like to serve up something special? Then we are the partner for you! We will be happy to compile an individual conference package or delicious menu for you and your guests. Whether it be a buffet, finger food, cold dishes or desserts – we have something for every event.

Children's catering

Big flavours for the little ones
A balanced diet is more important during childhood than at any other time in life. It is the foundation of long-lasting health. Children grow quickly, are very active and have new adventures every day. This means that they require plenty of energy and nutrition. With this in mind, we at Dorfner Catering will ensure that lunch, for example, is always made up of a main meal with a filling side dish and vegetables or a salad. Emphasis must be placed upon quality and variety when selecting foods. The meals are based on the recommendations of the German nutritional society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung). We ask the children what they like and try to take their wishes into account. The menu plan is designed in a child-friendly way, and can be viewed by parents at any time. Because schools and nurseries often do not have their own kitchens on site, catering can be supplied from outside. In this case, meals are made in one of our nearby kitchens and delivered fresh.

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