Always there for you: our industry concept for the service sector

As a service provider, you know exactly how high the standards are that have to be met. With our industry concept for the service sector, you can count on the Dorfner Group also complying with these standards on your behalf – allowing you to concentrate on what you do best! Our services facilitate a smooth workflow whilst maintaining utmost quality and cost-awareness.

Our motto, “Quality for people and buildings”, is reflected throughout our entire industry concept: our people-centred approach to catering will provide your guests, staff, customers or patients with balanced fare. And with our facility infrastructure services, our specialist staff will ensure that both first and second impressions are good. We also work to monitor and keep increasingly sophisticated building technology up-to-date – all whilst keeping an eye on efficiency.

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Flexible solutions

Whether it be a complete main meal, a snack to go, a conference service or catering for children at a company crèche, we have a solution for every occasion. We adapt to suit the local conditions: we’ll be happy to cook on site in the company kitchen, but if there is not enough space we can use our outstanding infrastructure to deliver freshly prepared dishes from a nearby central kitchen.

A treat for all the senses
Sit back and relax: a lunch break is like a mini holiday for the mind in the middle of a stressful working day. Our specially developed Dorfner menü GenussVital range ensures that there are varied, light dishes on offer every day. The menu range is based on a complete nutritional concept that is specifically tailored to the needs of working people.

Or perhaps you are looking for something more unusual? We will treat you to special culinary promotions based on a wide variety of themes at least four times a year, as well as at least one health day a year.

We will also be happy to take care of your catering for conferences, meetings, business lunches or any other company events. Our advisors will always be there for you!

Only the best for kids
Because healthy children make for healthy adults, wholesome fare is a priority when it comes to catering for children. For example, we ensure that lunch is always made up of a main meal with a filling side dish and vegetables or a salad. Emphasis must be placed on quality and variety when selecting foods. We also aim to keep the little ones’ preferences in mind, and will provide parents with an insight into the weekly menu at any time.

Infrastructure services

First impressions count…
…for people and for buildings. Which is why our facility management specialists are there to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the external appearance of your building. The core component of our industry concept is regular maintenance cleaning. Having a cleaning routine for the workplace or office may seem trivial, but ensures the long-term wellbeing of your staff and safeguards your property’s value. Our experts will also take care of your grounds throughout the year, providing ice and snow clearing services in colder weather and generally ensuring that your premises look at their best.

Maintenance cleaning to preserve value
With its services in maintenance cleaning, the Dorfner Group contributes considerably to caring for and safeguarding the value of the interior and exterior of your building. After all, cleanliness and hygiene are essential to a good image.

The Dorfner Group boasts several decades of experience in maintenance cleaning. Our cleaning staff utilise the latest cleaning technology and professional cleaning methods to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

We tailor our industry concept to your precise requirements. Require cleaning at unusual times of the day or in accordance with specific standards? No problem!

Gain some peace of mind by handing over the maintenance of the grounds around your building to our specialists: from lawn maintenance, to pruning and sweeping, through to the watering of flowerbeds, we’ll take care of all of your needs. At the same time, with the latest equipment and an eye on cost, we ensure that our service is efficient and economical.

Winter service
As a facility services provider, the Dorfner Group can, of course, also provide a winter clearing service for your property. You can rest assured that your reliable partner will keep an eye on the statutory requirements at all times, and take care of everything to ensure there are no risks for you: we assume liability for all gritting and clearing services that you order from us. Our service also includes maintaining and filling grit containers.

Technical services

Dorfner expertise for your property’s technology
The Dorfner Group’s specialist employees – from in-house technicians to caretakers – will be happy to maintain your property’s technology. We can complete virtually all tasks without the help of external contractors. A major benefit for our customers: you always have a competent contact on site to act wherever and whenever you need it. Inspection in accordance with DGUV Regulation 3? Lightbulb change? Minor repairs to windows or doors? Monitoring and operating cooling and heating technology? You can leave all this and more to us. Ask us for an individual quote!

Engineering services
Planning a new building? Got a conversion on the horizon? We will be happy to advise you – even before construction has begun – on how to keep maintenance costs low through careful planning, and on what technology should be used for the greatest possible efficiency and environmental sustainability. We will also be happy to support you through the tendering process, project and construction management, and the approval process.

Logistics and services

There to help when you’re in a tight spot
We can supply you with some of our employees as temporary workers when you are experiencing staff bottlenecks. We are ready for action as soon as you need us. For example, our logistic specialists will, of course, work in accordance with your quality standards as well as the statutory provisions. That’s something you can count on!

Security and reception service
Whether care home or hospital: the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness should be a given at any healthcare facility – right down to the laundry service. The Dorfner Group’s Textile Service in Würzburg works in strict compliance with the guidelines on hygiene in hospitals and prevention of infection issued by the Robert Koch Institute, and processes all textiles – from cleaning cloths and mops, to uniforms, bed linen, table covers and other flat textiles – in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

  • Building/factory security
  • Ranger/patrol service
  • Reception services
  • Alarm tracking
  • Emergency call centre
  • Building site security
  • Stewarding services
  • Lock management
  • Guard service

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