Economical and efficient: our concept for the commerce sector

Friendly staff, interesting offers, order, cleanliness and an atmosphere that invites browsing… there are many factors that determine success in commerce. You can confidently place many of these in our hands. Whilst you take care of range optimisation, customer promotions and employee loyalty, we will ensure clean transport routes, functioning building technology and security within your company.

Below you will find an initial overview of how we can contribute to the financial success of your shopping centre, department store or supermarket, without losing sight of cost or efficiency.

Can’t see the service you are looking for? Then get in touch! We will be happy to put together a customised concept: from one particular service to an all-inclusive package, we will find the right solutions for your properties.

Infrastructure services

Because your image is everything
Facility cleaning has been one of the Dorfner Group’s core competencies since the company was founded – and we will be happy to put these years of experience to good use in your building. We will support you in creating a clean and hygienic environment that your customers and employees feel at home in. Whether it be an underground car park, façade, roof or large window frontage, our specialist staff – who receive training on a regular basis – are familiar with the special features and procedures.

No place for pests
Rats, mice, cockroaches and other creatures do not belong in retail spaces. It is not only food retailers that are at risk, but all businesses with high customer traffic: particularly in areas where doors are constantly opening and closing, getting in is easy for unwanted guests. Reliably preventing an infestation calls for expert assistance. We will make you aware of possible “loopholes” and provide discreet assistance if pests have already found their way into your building.

How can we help you?
Need the support of a motivated, well-trained team in your canteen? Need snow and ice removed from your car park and roads in the colder months? Looking for regular maintenance of the plants that add a splash of green to your shopping centre? Call us. We are sure to find a suitable solution for your requirements in our portfolio.

Technical services

Our expertise for your property’s technology
From caretaking to in-house technician services, we can perform the widest range of tasks. Alongside monitoring and operation of all technical systems such as heating, cooling, lifts and car park facilities, our specialist staff can provide handyman services such as checking and repairing windows, doors, plug sockets and lights. We also offer lightbulb changing, small-scale installations, inspections in accordance with DGUV Regulation 3 and data processing services. A further advantage: our company vehicles are equipped with the tools required for urgent emergency jobs. We also have an extensive fleet of machinery.

Your partner from day one
If required, you can have our support from day one – in the planning of the building before the cornerstone is even laid, in the tendering process, in project and construction management, and with final acceptance. Once the premises have been put into operation, we can coordinate all technical aspects of the building and put our broad portfolio of services to work to help you achieve business success – for example through daily maintenance, which includes monitoring, facility services and caretaking.

Optimisation through transparency
A transparent overview of energy costs and consumption is essential when it comes to identifying potential savings and taking appropriate action. You can confidently place energy monitoring in our hands! We know what is feasible and will be happy to help you save resources and reduce emissions.

Logistics and services

Vacancy and contract management

Got retail space in your shopping centre that is about to become vacant and looking for new tenants? We will be happy to support you in everything from shutdown, to vacancy management, to reopening. You can also trust us to take care of contract management, operative property management and relocation management.

Available around the clock
The Dorfner Group bases its customer relationships on mutual trust. This also means that our customers can rely on us at all times and that we are available any time that we are needed. We have set procedures and emergency concepts that can be applied accordingly in special situations.

Security for people and buildings

Need your shopping centre’s customer information point staffed? Looking for a competent night security service? Want to hand over lock management to someone reliable? Simply pick out the service modules that suit your requirements from the “Security and reception services” section. Based on this, the Dorfner Group experts will then develop an individual concept to meet your needs.

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