A one stop shop: our concept for the administration sector

Whether an individual commercial property or a large technology park, the Dorfner Group can provide professional and reliable handling of all technical, infrastructural and commercial tasks that do not fall within the core business of our customers in the administration sector. Our clients include the public sector, commercial enterprises and asset managers for modern business centres.

Below you will find an initial overview of how we can support you and your properties without losing sight of cost or efficiency.

Can’t see the service you are looking for? Then get in touch! We will be happy to put together a customised concept: from an individual service to an all-inclusive package, we will find the right solutions for your needs.

Infrastructure services

Quality at affordable prices
The importance of maintenance cleaning in preserving the value of a property should not be underestimated. We will be delighted to assist you with all types of cleaning in order to ensure that you can spend many happy years in your buildings. From underground car parks, to façades and windows, to roofs, we have the right equipment and processes. The services that we agree with you are always provided by highly qualified and trained specialists. With a transparent calculation process and detailed schedule of services, we guarantee you quality at affordable prices – something that you can rely on.

Your all-inclusive, carefree package
From EDP and telephone upkeep, waste disposal and groundskeeping, to pest control, curtain cleaning and sweeping of roads and walkways, to clearing of snow and ice and maintenance of office plants: we can take care of all services around your building as required. Get in touch! We will be happy to advise you and draw up a proposal for your individual all-inclusive package.


Perfect catering for your canteen
Varied, balanced and healthy: the Dorfner menü GenussVital range, which has been developed by our nutrition experts, offers perfect lunches for busy working days. Every day the menu will feature new delicious dishes to provide your employees with all key nutrients. Dorfner Catering places a great deal of emphasis on regional and seasonal produce. And should there be no time to eat in the canteen, we offer delicious, fresh snacks that employees can simply take to their work stations.

Our special promotions allow us to create special culinary experiences: you can look forward to special themed days at least four times a year. Ultimately, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity in the kitchen.

Another popular highlight is our cook@work events, when colleagues get to cook up a storm together. A multiple-course menu will be whipped up in your canteen’s kitchen, under the watchful eye of the head chef. Each participant then receives a booklet with the recipes that they tried.

Big flavours for the little ones
Does your company have a crèche? We will be happy to provide catering for your employees’ children. A balanced diet is more important during childhood than at any other time in life. It is the foundation of good health. Children grow quickly, are very active and have new adventures every day. This means that they require plenty of energy and nutrition. With this in mind, we at Dorfner Catering will ensure that lunch, for example, is always made up of a main meal with a filling side dish and vegetables or a salad. We also ask the children what they like and try to take their wishes into account. The menu plan is designed in a child-friendly way, and can be viewed by parents at any time.

Conference service
Planning a conference, meeting or other event at which you would like to serve up something special? Then we are the partner for you! We will be happy to compile an individual conference package or delicious menu for you and your guests. Whether it be a buffet, finger food, cold dishes or desserts – we have something for every event.

Technical services

Keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes
Technology plays a key role in today’s modern buildings – from lifts, to heating and cooling, to room ventilation and water supplies. All of this has to be maintained in order to ensure the smooth running of the building. We will be happy to help with a variety of tasks – get in touch!

Planning, supervising, implementing
Where desired, our range of services begins with optimised building planning before the start of construction and leads all the way through to tendering, project and construction management, and acceptance. We can also take care of the optimisation of technical and logistical building operations, as well as daily maintenance, including monitoring, facility services and catering. Our specialists will be happy to take on complete coordination of all technical aspects of your building.

Energy monitoring
Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society. Optimisation of a property’s technical systems plays a key role when it comes to potential savings and the conservation of resources. We can systematically record and document energy costs and consumption in your building. This clarifies exactly where adjustments can be made to reduce emissions and save money.

Logistics and services

Our contribution to more security
Did you know that the Dorfner Group also offers numerous security and reception services that will allow you to concentrate on what you do best? For example, we can support you with building security staff, take care of lock management or provide a reception service for your visitors. Please let us know your requirements – we will get back to you promptly with an individual proposal.

Relocation service
For many companies, optimisation of internal procedures and organisational changes may mean relocating employees, departments, or the entire company. We can take full responsibility for relocation management so that our customers can make the move without any hiccups or loss of time and energy. We will take care of planning the facility, coordinate all processes and phases of the move and – if required – obtain new furniture and dispose of the old. Conversion measures can even be coordinated where necessary. Our experts in successful relocation management will be happy to provide you with a relocation plan that meets your wishes and expectations. You can, of course, also outsource particular areas of your move to the Dorfner Group.

At your service
Need staffing support at conferences or other events, for example in the cloakroom or for laying out chairs? Want someone to take care of restocking, emptying and regularly cleaning your beverage machines? Looking for reliable, conscientious auxiliary staff to run errands or provide other forms of transport? We will be happy to make our staff available for any activities required. Call us!

Get in touch!

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