Special meal preparation processes

Let’s think outside the box: alongside traditional cook & serve, whereby dishes are prepared fresh on site, there are other useful processes when it comes to group catering. Nursing homes and hospitals in particular can benefit here: the processes can be cheaper, require less organisational effort, offer more budget and planning certainty, and keep hygiene risks to a minimum. The most suitable method depends on the site’s individual circumstances. We’ll be more than happy to advise you!

Cook & chill

Cook then chill
The components of the meal are cooked in the traditional way and then gently cooled within a maximum of one and a half hours. This enables the storage of food for up to three days with low hygiene risks and without any loss of quality, as long as it is kept at a temperature of 0 to 3 degrees Celsius and the refrigeration chain is not broken. The dishes are then regenerated and served.

Cook & freeze

Cook then freeze
After the cooking process, the food is subjected to shock freezing, allowing it to be kept for up to nine months. It is defrosted and reheated just before use. Meal production and service can take place at entirely different times, and the relevant amount of food can be regenerated as required. Thus there is no over or under-production and food waste is minimised.


Vacuum-sealed cooking
Cooking food in a vacuum-sealed pouch is particularly good for preserving nutrients, is free of preservatives and gives ingredients a specific texture. All air is removed and meals can be cooked at temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius and then stored at three degrees Celsius. They can then be kept for up to 14 days and heated up as required.

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