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Healthy, enthusiastic and capable employees are the key factors in a company’s success. Occupational Health Management enables the anchoring of various aspects and areas for action at company level. The instruments of statutory occupational health and safety, complemented by voluntary health promotion at work, are what contribute most effectively to ensuring a healthy company.

Personal areas for action


Individual wellbeing is largely a personal responsibility. However, to a certain extent, employers can also contribute to ensuring that employees feel good, are healthy and maintain a balance between professional and private life. We have developed measures in the following areas:

Regular exercise increases performance, stamina, coordination and the ability to relax. In addition, a healthy amount of physical activity can help prevent disorders of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. With this in mind, the Dorfner Group supports its employees in making their days more active with initiatives including courses on back health, limited-time activities such as a Pedalo® course, joint participation in company runs and colleague fitness groups.

Whether it be our fruit basket – which is refilled each week and which everyone can help themselves to – extensive in-house nutrition coaching or individual tips from Dorfner Catering’s dieticians, we like to give our employees a helping hand when it comes to good nutrition – because we know how difficult it is to eat a balanced and healthy diet whilst leading a busy life. Losing weight and avoiding obesity is essential to personal wellbeing and self-esteem, not to mention the fact that a healthy diet also improves energy levels and helps to prevent lifestyle-related conditions such as diabetes.

Mental health
Health and vitality are also highly dependent on psychological wellbeing. “Work-life balance” is not a foreign concept to the Dorfner Group. We place a great deal of emphasis on our employees being able to reconcile their work and family lives, preventing psychological strain in the working environment and removing factors that lead to unhealthy stress levels.

Addiction prevention programmes represent another part of the Dorfner Group’s Occupational Health Management. In addition to providing information on and raising awareness of the effects of addictive substances, the focus is on discreetly helping to reduce individuals’ consumption. For example, we offer our employees professional support in constructively solving addiction problems.


Collective areas for action


We like to get involved in our employees’ personal health management by offering the services and measures outlined above. However, these efforts must have a solid foundation! We create the basis for a pleasant working environment and happy employees primarily by giving the two core collective areas of action sufficient attention: management and occupational safety.

How good employees feel at their place of work depends to a large extent upon the managerial style within the company. The Dorfner Group’s flat hierarchies represent an advantage in this context. Employees are always involved in decisions and asked to contribute towards creating a lively corporate culture with suggestions for improvement. All managers also work in the operative side of the business. This ensures a healthy grasp of everyday reality. We offer various workshops on correct management of people and resilience seminars to equip our managers with additional expertise.

Health and safety
The law states that employers must look after their employees! It is our duty to ensure that none of our employees come to any harm whilst working for the Dorfner Group. With this in mind, we conduct regular instruction sessions both at the headquarters and in all buildings that we look after – for example in the areas of accident prevention, industrial health and safety, handling of hazardous substances and proper operation of our cleaning machinery.


Insights into the Dorfner Group’s Occupational Health Management


img_7606Health days at the various locations
Cardio-scan, physical analysis, relaxation massage… Our health day programmes provide staff with a variety of opportunities to try out and discover things that are good for the mind, body and soul. The events are organised in collaboration with competent partners such as health insurance providers, professional associations or health centres. Various professionals – including, for example, the nutrition experts from Dorfner Catering – also provide tips on how employees can keep an eye on their own health in their day-to-day work.

einkaufstraining-ernaehrungscoachingNutrition and shopping habit coaching
Quick snacks and ready meals are too tempting after a busy day at work. Fresh, home-cooked meals can be few and far between. The result? Food is too fatty and too sweet, mealtimes are too irregular. Eating in this way not only has a negative impact on energy levels, but also impairs our feeling of wellbeing. For the first time, the Hans Dorfner Academy is offering a day seminar entirely dedicated to this issue. The workshop is complemented with training in good shopping habits at the supermarket.

logoExclusive discounts for employees
All employees of the Dorfner Group can take advantage of our partnership with “Corporate Benefits”. There are interesting discounts to be found in fashion, cars and technology, as well as with well-known sports and leisure providers: up to 30 per cent discount on membership of an online fitness studio, a 35 per cent saving on spa days, or 13 per cent off the purchase of a new bike.


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