Made-to-measure service

Regardless of the sector, whether for a client in industry, the health sector or administration, in our divisions of facility cleaning, facility management and service management our portfolio of services ranges from maintenance cleaning and cleanroom cleaning, to transport services, maintenance and our winter service, to provision of service staff and support from our specialist staff in the event of bottlenecks. We offer various types of assistance in order to meet your individual needs in the best way possible.

Contract for work and services

For secure budget planning
We set out our service provision under a contract for work and services, in close consultation with the customer and in line with clearly defined requirements. We ensure flawless implementation of the agreed schedule of services to the highest of standards at all times so that you can concentrate fully on what you do best. A major plus: a contract for work and services in which we are liable to the client for the success of the defined service facilitates very precise budget planning that you can rely on.

Service contract

When timing is key
A service contract forms an important foundation for our collaboration wherever services are to be rendered at set times. We reliably ensure that the agreed service is provided at the defined point in time and to the highest of standards; it is paid for by the hour or based on a negotiated flat rate. The benefit of this type of contractual set-up for the client is the ability to budget reliably and precisely.

Management contract

Bringing in expertise
You have your own employees to complete your work and simply want to bring in external expertise? Then our management contract is the right choice! Dorfner will take responsibility for property management and, therefore, the ultimate success of the work that your employees do. We will work in close collaboration with you to plan use of personnel, materials and machinery and employee training, monitor all processes and procedures, and will even be happy to assume responsibility for your budget. If required, we can also implement quality checks and take care of hiring and payroll, among other services.

Supply of temporary workers

Looking for temporary staff?
You can also count on our specialist staff to bridge staffing bottlenecks or help you cope with temporary peaks in orders. We can provide you with temporary workers from an appropriate company within the Dorfner Group to support you in your core business – flexibly and at short notice.

Service companies

Taking cooperation to a new level
Setting up a joint service company may be worthwhile, depending on the size of the remit. This will take our collaboration to a completely new level. The advantages for you as the client: you not only save money, but can also confidently hand over time-consuming administrative tasks and responsibility for staff and concentrate on what you do best. As a competent service partner, we will bring decades of experience, expertise and dedication to quality to the partnership. Get in touch!

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