Collaborating with Dorfner Catering

We have been demonstrating our skills in healthy, target-group-specific catering for guests, patients and residents of hospitals and rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, company canteens, nurseries and Schools day in, day out since Dorfner Catering was founded in 1994. We offer various forms of collaboration in order to ensure that your individual needs are met in the best way possible.

Full catering service

We will take full responsibility
All tasks associated with catering for your guests, residents or patients can be put into our hands. Our full service encompasses all of the necessary steps, from analysis, to purchasing, to preparation – utilising the available technology, of course. All kitchen staff are employed by us, and we will be responsible for calculating resource and material costs. We will adapt to suit your needs and, alongside providing fresh cooking we can input our expertise in contemporary and economical production methods such as cook & chill and sous-vide.

Management service

Your catering in good hands
Got your own kitchen staff and simply need external expertise and a competent manager? Then our management contract is the right choice! We will fill the position of canteen head chef on your premises, and will therefore be responsible for the ultimate success of the work that your employees do. We will work in close collaboration with you to plan menu choices, use of materials and personnel and employee training, monitor all processes and procedures, and will even assume responsibility for your budget.

Consulting service

Benefit from our experience
With our consulting service, you leave your structures as they are and bring in catering expertise from our consultants. If required, a Dorfner Catering employee can help you with any questions or problems on site. This service can be individually adapted if you have a large-scale event, such as a conference or company celebration.

System consulting

Kitchen planning with foresight
Before a large-scale kitchen can be put into operation, it has to be built – and even before that, the kitchen’s systems have to be carefully planned. Many structural, organisational and legal requirements have to be taken into account during the planning phase. We will be happy to provide you with support, including on matters of modernisation or conversion of your existing kitchen or purchase of new food distribution systems.

Service companies

Collaboration redefined
Setting up a joint service company may be worthwhile, depending on the size of the remit. This will take our collaboration to a completely new level. The advantages for you as the client: you not only save money, but can also confidently hand over time-consuming administrative tasks and responsibility for staff, and concentrate on what you do best. As a competent service partner, we will bring decades of experience, expertise and dedication to quality to the partnership. Get in touch!

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