Dependable, fair, human: Dorfner as an employer

Quality for people and buildings“: this is the motto that the Dorfner Group has committed to. The order of the words has been chosen deliberately because, for us, people come first, whether it be in facility management, facility cleaning or catering. This applies equally to both our customers and our employees – that’s something you can count on!
If you carry out your duties with dedication and a sense of fun and are looking for a great employer, then apply today and become part of our team. Below you will find our vacancies and training opportunities.
Simply want to see what we’re all about? Then apply for an internship or holiday job with us. We would, of course, also be happy to receive a speculative application!

10 good reasons

What can you expect as an employee of the Dorfner Group? Our ten good reasons aim to give you an initial insight into why you should choose Dorfner. Got further questions? Then please do not hesitate to contact us!

By coming to us, you will be joining a company with a long tradition.The Dorfner Group has been in existence for over 65 years – and is still an owner-run family firm. We are proud of our employees’ long-term loyalty to the company. Each year we can list a number of colleagues that have been with us for 10, 25, even 40 years.

Flat hierarchy
Acting responsibly is a given for our Executive Board – always in accordance with the principles of sustainable management. Employees are involved in decisions. The fact that all managers also work in the operative side of the business ensures that they have a healthy grasp of everyday reality.

With us, you can count on being able to benefit from sustainable personnel development. Our employees are our biggest investment: this is why we plan for the long term and place great emphasis on recruiting new staff from our own ranks. With our Occupational Health Management and the associated measures, we take action to ensure the health of our employees – for example through health days, seminars on how to lift and carry objects properly, nutrition coaching and support in stopping smoking.

Fair pay
We believe that good workers should be compensated fairly. For this reason, we strongly support the statutory official wage, along with all of the corresponding allowances. Honesty in our costings is our top priority, which we achieve with realistic hourly rates.

Opportunities for promotion
At Dorfner, all opportunities are open to you. We want competent and properly trained staff that are able to bring their individual skills and abilities to fruition. To help achieve this, we offer internal training at our in-house Hans Dorfner Academy, and encourage our employees to participate in external further training programmes.

We will be happy to accommodate you as far as possible in the set-up of your working time. Simply talk to us with your ideas and wishes. We will work with you to find a solution that is suitable to both parties. And while we are on the subject of flexibility: we also offer various models for part-time retirement.

Trust is a core element at the Dorfner Group. Numerous customers have remained loyal to us for many years, and the way we work together within the company is also shaped by mutual respect. In the event of conflicts or misunderstandings, we call on our shop steward, who will look for solutions on an individual basis.

A tolerant and open working environment awaits you at the Dorfner group, made up of colleagues of different generations and nationalities. Our employees come from over 80 different countries and we believe it to be extremely important that everyone can input their personal strengths and personalities. This is how we form a strong team.

Social responsibility
We see taking responsibility for people and their living environment as a given. We are committed to a variety of industry associations and take a stand on current topics. We also support various social, cultural and sporting facilities and projects.

We greatly value a feeling of community. We regularly organise joint celebrations and excursions. This allows everyone to enjoy the day, socialise with other employees and meet new colleagues. Having fun together brings everyone at Dorfner into one big team.

We are waiting for you - our vacancies!


Looking for a new professional challenge? Please feel free to contact to find out the areas in which we are currently seeking support.

Training at Dorfner

Whether in the cleaning division, in the kitchen or in the office, people starting out in their career are always welcome at the Dorfner Group. We provide training in roles such as facility cleaner, office management clerk, chef and catering specialist. Get in touch.

Internships at Dorfner

Is this profession right for me? Do I feel happy with the tasks to be completed? Is this really where my strengths lie? Internships have become almost indispensable for taking those first few steps into professional life. And we will be happy to provide a helping hand! Take the opportunity to find out about the everyday work of a facility service provider with an internship lasting several weeks. You might discover a passion for our industry. We would be delighted to help you find it!

Should you be interested in an internship or holiday job, please contact Dorfner GmbH & Co. KG at Willstätterstraße 71, 90449 Nuremberg, Germany; telephone: +49 (0) 911/6802-340; email:

Speculative applications

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We are always looking for committed and talented staff. Didn’t see anything suitable among our vacancies? Then we look forward to receiving a speculative application. Simply fill in our application form. Please only upload one PDF file.


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